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Costume Designer

Twinky Arts Custom Costume Designer

If you're looking for a costume designer specializing in animal costumes, check out our gallery at Twinky Arts. We take quotes for new orders once a year for our popular costumes and start each year with fresh ideas for our costume designer. Typically, we open for costumes sometime in summer and announce the official dates on Twitter and Instagram.

Custom costumes can take up to two months to produce.

If you wonder how much custom costumes from a costume designer cost, you can take a look at our price guide page. Think of the guide as a place to start for basic design inspiration. The price is relative to customization. Our costume designer pays attention to all the little details. They assemble every inch of the costumes with care, ensuring durability and comfort.

From canines to dinosaurs and fantasy creatures, our costume designer creates all kinds of animal-like personas. The costume designer won't reproduce copyright characters such as Pokemon. These costumes are strictly for personal cosplay. You can base them on a favorite character, but we create costumes that look like a natural animal.

If you need some inspiration, look through our online gallery to see our creature creations. The costume designer needs reference material, showing all sides of your character to produce the costume you envision. Are you searching for costumes?

Why buy premade costumes when you can hire a costume designer to create something that is uniquely you? Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram so you'll get notified when we announce the official dates. In the meantime, you can check our FAQs page to get all the information you need to hire our costume designer.

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