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Creature Artist

Twinky Arts Creature Artist for Mascots

Mascots are characters that personify and represent a brand or company. They might even become a public figure. Mascots are like good luck charms, full of positive energy. A creature artist can design custom mascots that fit your sports team or business's personality. Twinky arts creates animal mascots and fantasy creatures to fit your needs.

If you're looking for a creature artist who creates high-quality costumes for mascots, check out our gallery at Twinky Arts. Our creature artist takes quotes for new orders once a year, sometime in summer, and always announces the official dates on Twitter and Instagram. Keep in mind that custom costumes for mascots can take up to two months for a creature artist to produce.

If you wonder how much a creature artist charges for their service, you can take a look at our price guide page. Think of the guide as a place to start for basic inspiration for mascots. The price is relative to how customization is involved. From canines to dinosaurs and fantasy creatures, our creature artist creates all kinds of animal-like personas and mascots to specification, assembling every inch of the costume with care for ultimate durability and comfort.

Why buy premade costumes when you can hire a creature artist to create mascots that promote your brand? If you want to hire a creature artist for custom mascot costumes, make sure to follow Twinky arts on Twitter and Instagram so you'll get notified when we announce the official date when our creature artist is available for commission. In the meantime, check our FAQs page to get more information.

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