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Yellow Costumes


Q: How often do you open for quotes and new orders?

A: We open once a year! We like to finish our queues completely before reopening for new orders. Our opening time is around Summer season. Official opening dates will be announced on our Twitter and Instagram.

Q: How much do you charge? 

A: Our prices are listed in our price guide page. Please remember that these are base prices for the most simplest designs. The more complex the design is, the higher the price will go!

Q: Do you offer Part only commissions at all?

A: Yes and no. We offer suit parts for established clients only. So you would need to have commissioned us for a suit before you are able to purchase any parts from us. Unless otherwise stated. Please do not ask about them if you are not a client of ours.

Q: What kind of critters do you desire to make?

A: This is a question we get a lot! We are OPEN to making any critter! From canines to dinosaurs to fantasy, we aren't afraid to create uncommon creatures. If you are unsure about whether we can create your specific creature, send us an email so we can discuss! 


Q: How long does my quote last?

A: Quotes are valid for a maximum of 30 days. Once the 30 days are up, you will need to re-submit for a new quote.

Q: What payment methods do you take?

A. We prefer PayPal, but we can accept money orders or cashiers checks all in USD currency. If you are a local, we can discuss cash.

Q: How many projects do you take at a time?

A: Since we open once a year, we only take 10-14 (max) projects at a time. We don't reopen until our queue is fully complete.

Q: Can you make a Pokemon, MLP, etc cosplay?

A: NO. Here at Twinky Arts, if any cosplay is made, it is made for personal use. We will not accept cosplay commissions of copyright characters. The only way you can is if your character is perhaps "based" on a copyright character and it looks like a natural animal.

Q: Do I need a reference sheet or concept art?

A: Yes you do! It is required. This is very important to have a decent and clean reference sheet showing all sides of your character, so it makes our job easier recreating that character to giant animal size! Be 100% happy with your design before applying for a commission with us.

Q: Would you be up to trying something new that is not regularly offered?

A: No. If its not listed, we do not offer it. We do not try anything new unless we try it out on our personal costumes first and it's successful. Please keep to what we offer.

Q: Do you work with LEDs and electronics?

A: No. We are not comfortable working with electronics of any kind. So please do not ask.

Q: Will you lower your price for me, I cannot afford it?

A: NO. This is our income, our job. The cost of materials and the time spent making these beautiful hand crafted costumes unfortunately has a price tag connected. These costumes take a lot to build!

Q: Do I have to pay everything up front?

A: No! We are happy to discuss a payment plan with you as we know many are not able to pay in full all at once. We do require a 30% nonrefundable deposit first and the rest is due each month before your completion month! See our Terms of Service page

Q: What if I can't finish paying for my suit?

A: No worries! No refunds on your 30% deposit if materials have been purchased. Anything else you have paid will get refunded! If construction has been started on, depending on how much work has been done determines the refund.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: Yes we do! All of our suits have a 60 day warranty to them on anything that is defective on our behalf. Warranty does not cover damages done by you and/or incorrect measurements. Repair cost may vary.

Q: Ok, I sent in my order form! That means I'm in, right?

A: Unfortunately no. We will have to get back to you with the final total and receive your 30% first before you are added to our commission queue. The 30% secures your spot on our list!

Q: How do I request a completion date?

A: Once we finalize your commission, you can request a certain time you wish your suit to be completed. Please keep in mind this is a deadline request and is not guaranteed.

Q: Am I able to wear glasses under the costume head?

A: We can make our heads a little bigger to accommodate glasses, however, they will fog while performing and we can not guarantee comfort. We highly suggest wearing contacts if possible. 

Q: Do you allow extra zippers or SPHs?

A: Yes. We offer extra zippers and adult parts for our suits. If you are interested, please be sure to request them when applying.

Q: Do you offer sandals for those with indoor feet?

A: We used to in the past, however, it has become overwhelming. If you do order indoor feet, be sure to create your own or commission another maker to make some for you. It is imperative to have protection for your indoor feet or they will not last.

Q: Do you do tailor work on your bodysuits?

A: Unfortunately no. Tailor work takes a lot of time for which we do not have since we are very busy most of the year. 

Q: Do you make movable jaws?

A: Sorry. We don't offer movable jaws at this time. All of our suits have static jaws.

Q: Do you offer fans for your costume heads?

A: No, we do not offer them. Our heads are actually quite breathable!

Q: How long does it take to make a suit?

A: It takes 1-2 months for simple designs and 3-4 months for highly complex designs. So be sure to keep this in mind when applying. We usually work on 2-3 suits at a time depending on our workload. During the process, we provide work in progress and updates!

Q: What is a DTD? And do I need one?

A: Yes! DTD or Duct Tape Dummies are a important part when ordering. It is basically a custom copy or shell of your own body! Making tailoring to your exact measurements possible!

Q: Can I send in my own materials to help drop the price down?

A: NO. Buying your own materials will not help bring the price down on your commission. If you have a specific item/part you would like for us to use on your suit, we can discuss that. Remember, its not just the materials in why the price is the way it is. It takes a lot of time and skill to make these costumes and therefore the artist must be paid for the time spent in creating such beautiful suits!

Q: Do I need to provide all the following head measurements?

A: Yes you do! These measurements are crucial in the suit making process. Just like the DTD, if they are not done correctly, your head will not fit. We are not responsible for any wrong measurements given to us. If you need extra help with figuring out your measurements, click here for our head diagram!

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