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Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the design. These are just starting prices. Concept art must be provided to ensure an exact price quote upon acceptance into our queue. Shipping is not included and will be calculated once the costume is complete.

Digitigrade Costumes


starting at $8700*

Digitigrade costumes have additional padding around the leg area to give it an illusion that the costume has animalistic shaped legs. The padding are like pillows hugging your legs and can be very hot while performing. This is our most popular costume option! The full costume includes head, body, 4-fingered hands, feet and tail. 

Plantigrade Costumes


starting at $7700*

Plantigrade costumes are 'straight-legged' with no visible padding. The full costume includes head, body, 4-fingered hands, feet and tail. 

Partial Costumes


starting at $5000*

Partial costumes are without a body, so you can wear your costume with your own clothes (pants, hoodie, etc). This is great for those that don't want to over heat while performing. Costume includes head, 4-fingered hands, feet and tail. Arm or leg sleeves are not included and must be requested . They start at $370+ for an individual pair. 

Costume Heads


starting at $4000*

Costume heads are just that. Our heads are a snug fit so they won't move or fall off while performing. They are built entirely out of foam so they are soft, safe and comfortable to wear. Ventilation is through the mouth area and eyes. Vision is standard in our heads.

Artistic Freedom Costumes


$600+ extra on top of your suit of choice*

Don't have a design ready to go? Don't fret! This is an option where you give us (the artists) the opportunity to design a character for you. You as the client are more than welcome to let us know which species and color scheme you would like the character to have. Or let us create everything from scratch! This option is only available for full suits.  


Details Costumes

 Each of our costume heads are completely lined with a material that keeps you cool while performing. The faces are cleanly shaved with no glue residue visible. The noses on our heads are very soft and plush-like. Very 'kid friendly'.

Standard Eyes Costumes
Follow Me Eyes Costumes

We offer two styles of eyes for our costumes: Standard Toony and Follow-Me eyes. Our Follow-Me eyes are an additional $175. Follow-Me eyes with eyelids are $225. For more examples, please visit our gallery page.


Head Details Costumes

All teeth are hand sculpted/sewn to accuracy. We also do piercings and accessories but they are an extra cost. Must be discussed beforehand. Tongues are made from fleece and minky. We are big fans of detail work! For more examples, please visit our Gallery Page.

Whiskers Costumes

We also offer whiskers to help make your character pop! Whiskers are an added feature and are $100. If interested in adding this feature to your costume, it must be requested.

Antlers Costumes

For those critters that have large horns or antlers, we offer our "Travel Friendly" option. With this option, you are able to remove those pesky antlers to make it easier when traveling with your costume. This option is not standard and is only available for large horns and antlers. *This feature is an extra cost and must be requested. 


Body Details Costumes

Our body suits are assembled with care. Each suit is carefully sewn and serged for extra durability while giving the inside a very clean look. The neck is lined in fleece/minky to keep the fabric from stretching and is very soft to the skin. Any small markings or details are individually hand sewn to give accuracy. Zippers are always in the front unless designs won't allow . 


Hand Paws Costumes

We offer two styles of hand paws for our costumes: Standard and Plush. Our plush paws have padded digits which gives them a more toony or feral look. They are fully functional, come in a universal fit and very proportionate to our costumes. They are loose on smaller hands and snug on larger hands. 5-fingered hand paws are not standard and must be requested. *To upgrade to Plush paws is an additional cost. We offer 'part' commissions for established clients only!

Feet Paws Costumes

We offer two types of feet paws: Indoor and Outdoor . Each of our feet are lined for comfort.*To upgrade to indoor feet is an additional cost. We offer 'part' commissions for previous clients only!

NOTE: Indoor feet are not built for outside wear. They will need protection such as sandals if used outdoors. We offer 'part' commissions for established clients only!

Wings Costumes

If your character has wings, we offer detachable wings to make it a little easier when traveling with your costume! They are very soft and wiggle as you perform . These are available for small to large wings. *Price ranges from $300 - $600 for a set 


Abs Costumes

We offer some unique body upgrades to enhance the look of your character! We offer a chest and ab option to give your character a muscle look to them.  *Starting at $300

Muscles Costumes

We now offer our NEW Deluxe Chest and Ab padding. A more defined option compared to our regular padding showing that 'V cut'. *Starting at $400

Boobs Costumes

We also offer a female chest padding option as well if that suits your fancy! Breast size does factor in price. *Starting at $300

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