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Please read over our terms of service before placing an order.

By accepting to work with us the client is in agreement with these terms. 


We are no longer accepting quotes. Base pricing is available in our Pricing Guide.


Client must be over the age of 18 to enter an agreement with us. NO EXCEPTIONS. Costumes will be completed in the order they were received (all items are first paid, first served).

Client understands that they are ordering a one of a kind, hand made piece of art made by an artist. They may and can contain imperfections, flaws and inconsistencies. 

This isn't a first come, first serve basis. The client's commission must be accepted by us in order to start the ordering process. See the How to order page. Client must make their first payment immediately after being accepted in order to hold their commission slot on our queue. The day of acceptance, client has 48 hours to reply or the slot will be given to the next person in line. We will not hold or reserve a commission slot. 

Once the commission has been accepted, the order is final. Client must be 100% with order details before placing an order. This also includes special requests. We won't allow any changes to be made. 

Client is allowed to make minor changes to their concept only during the first month of ordering, but it must be discussed before hand. Price may vary. Once the first month is up, the concept is final. 

We will not recreate any previous costumes unless it is by the original client. We will not create copyright designs.


AI generated and VR avatar references are not acceptable! Please commission an actual artist for your fursuit reference.  

Client will need to provide a clean SFW (Safe for work) 3-view reference sheet of their character in order to commission. We no longer accept hand drawn references. All references need to provide the following:

  • All colors need to be flat. No shading or gradients

  • All markings and colors need to be clean and readable

  • Important details such as mouth/tongue color, teeth, claws, pawpads, etc need to be present

  • If your character has spots or stripes, those need to be fursuit friendly


We need to be able to see the front, back and side view of the design. This will help us (the makers) create the character with ease. If client plans to get an updated reference sheet after being accepted, that is completely fine. However, the design must remain the same. If major changes are made in the updated version, client will be charged for the extra work that is needed to create the costume. Price may vary.

Please be 100% happy with your design before applying. We will not accept design changes.


We do require a DTD (duct tape dummy) and correct head measurements, in order for us to create a costume for our client. Keep in mind that we make our hands universal so that they are proportionate to the rest of the costume. We are not responsible for poor sizing if client provides a poor DTD or incorrect head measurements. For a better idea on how we would like the head measurements to be made, please check out our 'easy to read' diagram.

Specific instructions will be sent to client when their DTD is needed. Client will be notified vie email when their DTD is needed. 


Due to COVID, there will be delays on all suits. We are working at normal pace but there has been slowdowns due to waiting on supplies/availability for them. The client's safety is very important to us. If client is unable to provide us a DTD at this time, no need to worry. There are setbacks for everyone right now. However, nothing matters more than everyone's safety and health at this time. We will continue working on the client's costume completing what we can and move on to the next person in the queue until it is safe for the client to make one. Please stay safe and know we understand our client's situation.

If client has any questions regarding this, we are here to help!


All payments are in USD currency and will be made through money order, check and PayPal only. Crypto Currency is NOT accepted. If you attempt to pay in Crypto Currency, you will be refunded immediately and blacklisted from future commissions.  

A 30% NON-REFUNDABLE downpayment is required to confirm client's commission spot as discussed. We also offer flexible payment plans if needed. These are paid in installments and will only be done through money order or check. Client must make a payment of $1000 or more in a discussed plan until month prior to completion. The item needs to be paid in full within 6 months time. If client wishes to pay more than originally discussed, they will need to let us know before the payment is due. The client is responsible to stay on top of  their payments.  A late fee of $50 will be added each time a payment is late. If client is unable to pay their installments for any reason and/or need some extra time, client needs to contact us, so we can help. If client misses 2 payments in a row, the commission will automatically be cancelled. NO EXCEPTIONS. Nothing is started on until the costume is paid in full. 

If client wishes to pay their full balance in one large payment, please let us know. We prefer this option. Paypal, money order or check can be used here. A sales tax of 8.4% will be charged to the purchaser at time of purchase for all goods and services. Money orders are acceptable for US and international orders. Checks are acceptable for US only. If client is local, we can discuss cash.

A service fee of 5.5% will be added to each order. This will maintain the quality of the order (briefings, emails, work in progress, etc).


There is no refund on the initial 30% deposit if materials have been purchased. Once the costume is completed, there is no refund option. If the commission was cancelled during production the refund may vary on how much progress and time was invested. We hold the right to refuse and refund in full at our own discretion. 


We no longer accept deadlines, just completion estimates. These are not guaranteed! We are a small business and things can come up to push dates back further.  EX: Not on time with your DTD, the artist can get sick, family matters, breaks, moving, etc. Machines can break down and need repair.

We work hard to keep waiting times short. You can keep track of which suits are being worked on through our Trello!



Since the demand is so high, we often don't share work in progress photos. We post progress shots of each costume on our Twitter and Instagram frequently. If we or client has any concerns we can make arrangements. Please note they are not guaranteed. Head carve progress is shared via email. That is the time to let us know if anything needs to be changed on the head before fur is added. Once the head is complete, changes can not be made. 

If we are commissioned for a critter we have yet to make, we will do our very best to get the shape of the animal down. Real references are always used when building.

We will send for fur approvals if it is necessary. Common fur colors such as black, white and initial colors won't need approvals. Please keep in mind that not all fur and fabric colors are available. Color dyes are not guaranteed to be exact each time even if it's the same type and color of fur. We do our mightiest to match colors! 

If client has a specific color or fur style in mind, client needs to let us know as soon as possible.

We also LOVE to use different lengths of fur to bring out the best of the client's character!


We have multiple platforms where we share our work . We also have personal accounts. Our work platforms are for sharing work in progress and for announcements. Our personal accounts are just that, personal. Our Direct Messages on our social media are ALWAYS closed. If client has questions about our work or their costume, contact us via email:

Important information could be lost through direct messages. This is why email is the best way to get into contact with us! It's easier to keep track of what is discussed and for payments. Client must continue using the same email chain that was used when accepted.

Please do not ask for inquiries through our personal accounts. Messages like this will be ignored. We are people too and deserve to have private accounts that are not work related. Please respect that. 


100% of the rights to the commissioned costume remains with Twinky Arts and can be used however we wish to. We may post or distribute commissioned work online and make digital or hard copies for promotion or sale. Permission is not required from the client.  

Mass resale and/or claiming the costume be the client's own work is NOT acceptable. Otherwise, the client may post their commissioned costume on any non-commercial website and do what they wish with it, giving credit to us (Twinky Arts) where applicable. 


If you wish to keep your commission a secret, we can definitely do so! All work in progress of your costume will not be publicly posted but instead emailed to you. However, once the costume is complete and shipped out, we have every right to post the finish product publicly.  

This does not apply to Artistic Freedom costumes.


During production once progress has been shown, if client wishes to make any small changes they will have up to two chances to do so. For example: If client is not liking their character's hair style, they may change it twice if necessary. This doesn't include legitimate design changes. Any significant design changes will no longer be accepted. Please be 100% happy with your design before applying for a commission with us. 

Once the product is complete, changes can no longer be made. So please pay close attention when work and progress is shown.

Add-ons are not permitted once the project has been accepted. No exceptions. Client must wait until after the costume is complete to order extra pieces if they wish to do so. When applying, the client must be sure to add all requests before submitting their form. Please take note that not all requests will be granted. If unsure, we can discuss more in detail via email.


United States and International shipping is through United States Postal Service registered mail. 

International shipping may take 1-2 weeks. This varies with the client's country's customs regulations. Most international orders will incur custom fees. We are not held responsible for those fees nor are we able to determine what those fees will be, as they depend on the client's country's customs office.  We have no power once the package arrives in country. If the client has questions about customs, client must contact their local customs office.

Shipping prices are determined on a case by case basis as an additional fee to the agreed final costume cost and depends on box size and weight. This will occur once the costume has been completed. The costume will not be shipped until the entire project is paid in full, including shipping.

Any kind of expedite service will be an additional cost paid by the client and will be discussed at time of completion. If client has returned the costume for any reason (such as repairs or alterations), they are responsible for the return shipping. 

Once client has received their box from Twinky Arts, we are NOT responsible for any shipping costs on returned items. Client is responsible for all shipping costs.

If client wishes for a con delivery or a local pick up , a fee must be paid before item can be delivered.


Because of Covid, shipping has had delays as well especially internationally. So do expect those. If client's country is unable to receive mail, please let us know right away. We are more than happy to hold onto the costume until (said) country opens their customs back up! 


With normal wear and tear within a year of obtaining the costume, Twinky Arts now offers free minor repairs to help keep the costume looking its best. Any initial faults of ours upon receiving the costume we will gladly fix immediately. Please keep us posted. We want to help!

After a year, all repairs (large or small) will be charged a fee. We charge $40 an hour + material costs depending on the issue. We can not guarantee getting repairs fixed ASAP in all situations. The client pays for return shipping. This can be discussed via email. Any alterations that were not done by us will void all future repair options (excluding minor sewing).

Please make sure the costume is CLEAN and DRY before returning it to us. If the costume is shipped to us dirty (and smelly), a cleaning fee of $75 will be added.


Our costumes are built to last, but do require regular maintenance and cleaning by the owners to ensure its full potential. We offered in the past refurbishments on older suits but don't anymore since they are extensive projects with an outcome that is still not new. We suggest commissioning a new costume from us to receive the latest quality and updated style. 


We have the right to cancel a commission at any time for any reason.  A client may cancel their commission at any time. If client cancels and materials have not been purchased, a full refund will be issued. If client cancels during production, depending on how much progress has been made on the costume determines the refund amount. We reserve the right to complete a cancelled project in any way we choose and sell it at auction.

If client does not pay their monthly fees in accordance to our payment plan that is agreed upon project acceptance, can not keep good email contact, ETC, we reserve the right to cancel the commission and refund only what the client has paid towards their costume, the deposit included. If for any reason the client is having difficulties staying on top of payments, simply let us know right away so we can help in any way we can. Failure to do so will result in us assuming the client wishes not to pay and your commission will then be cancelled. 

Upon commissioning us, if client is having financial issues or not satisfied with how the costume is coming out, client is entitled to a refund ONLY if the suit is less than 50% completed.

If failure to cooperate, the client receives a strike for noncompliance or any other actions that may warrant it. The count goes as followed:

- 1st: Is a warning to notify client of any action the artist may deem uncooperative.

- 2nd: Is a notification of possible termination and/or termination of current commission.

- 3rd: A permanent ban for any future commissions. 


Our costumes come with a 60 day warranty on any mistakes done by us. After 60 days any repairs will be covered with a small cost based on what work is needed. The only repairs not covered under warranty are damages caused by abuse or normal wear and tear. If any modifications NOT done by us will automatically void the warranty and any future repairs. Should the client ever have an issue with their costume, please send us an email at: to discuss the repair. We are always happy to discuss and resolve any issues the client may have. 


Client is aware that they will be wearing a large animal costume that will impairs their vision, make them hot, and their dexterity will be low from wearing large animal feet and paws. But trust us it's an enjoyable experience! We are not responsible for stumbling, tripping, falling, overheating, hugging, pulling, slipping that is caused while you are in costume. You wear at your own risk. 

Cleanliness and normal wear and tear are the responsibility of the client. Care and maintenance instructions are provided with each costume before it leaves our shop. It's up to the client as the owner to take the best care of their costume to ensure its full potential. If client is in need of assistance with anything regarding maintenance, give us a shout! We are more than happy to help!

We are not responsible for weight fluctuation. Each costume is created from a DTD and is form fitting.

The client is commissioning us for a handmade item. There may be minor flaws present. 


Here at Twinky Arts, we value our clients and want them to have the best experience possible when purchasing their costume. Our goal is to provide our clients the smoothest and most enjoyable time from start to finish. Our client's are getting a handmade, one of a kind, suit made specially for them! So let's have a blast creating it together! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Upon ordering a commission, this version of the TOS will be effective. The client has accepted these terms moving forward with the service.

Twinky Arts reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

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