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Fursuit Maker

Fursuit Maker: Character Costumes, Mascots, and Fursuits

At Twinky Arts, we specialize in creating character costumes for mascots, fursuits for professional entertainers, and character costumes for personal cosplay. Our digitigrade fursuits have legs and paws that make it appear you're walking like an animal. When you buy fursuits from a professional fursuit maker, you'll be able to tell the difference in quality. Why buy production fursuits when you can own high-quality craftsmanship?

Our fursuit maker offers a full costume that includes the head and body. You'll also get four-fingered animal hands, digitigrade feet, and a tail for a complete look. These full-body fursuits are a popular choice for mascots and performers and are kid-friendly too. The costume heads fit snug to stay in place while you're performing. And the foam construction makes them soft, safe, and wearable, with ventilation, through the mouth and eyes.

Our fursuit maker takes care to line the costume heads to keep you cool while performing. And you have a choice of Standard Toony eyes, or you can upgrade to Follow-Me eyes or Follow-Me eyes with eyelids. The fursuit maker pays attention to all the little details with hand-sculpted teeth, sewn to accuracy. We assemble every inch of the fursuits with care, ensuring durability. Soft fleece fabric lines the neck and our fursuits typically have zipper fronts.

Twinky Arts fursuits come with standard hand paws or plush hand paws that are more toony looking and fully functional. And you can choose indoor or outdoor foot paws. There are also unique body upgrades from our fur maker, such as a chest and ab option to give your character a muscular look. Our fursuit maker can add piercings, accessories, and whiskers, too. Keep in mind that extras are an additional cost and some things we only do for repeat customers.

If you have an idea or are wondering if our fursuit maker will customize a fursuit that you have in mind, contact Twinky Arts and let's talk.

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